Fairmont Designs was delighted to be part of this design space, which was a collaboration between Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Host Hotels, designed by Otherworld Creative and Within Light Studio.


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The challenge from Hyatt and Host Hotels & Resorts was clear: Highlight Hyatt’s Andaz brand, specifically its resorts, delivering a luxe bar-at-sunset concept. Yet the cavernous Javits Center demanded sleight of hand to achieve both the surreal and experiential, embracing a sunset-like effect not just overhead, but emanating from the ambiance of lighting and custom furnishings throughout the space. This balance of ethereal lighting and earthy textures captures the very essence of a beachside escape.

Our team worked closely with the designers to manufacture a lounge area for attendees to enjoy the immersive lighting experiences thru out the day as well as a full-service bar.

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