As a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, we define our success beyond delivering comfort and style through our products. We measure our achievement based on fulfilling our commitment to the environmental well-being.

Responsible Practices

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices throughout the life cycle of all products and is evaluated annually by MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program. We were the first commercial manufacturer to be fully CARB compliant (two full years before it was mandated by law). We use eco-friendly materials with FSC certification as well as reduce water and waste in manufacturing processes. We also reuse wood scraps and sawdust for energy.

We are responsible for providing environmentally relevant information about services and products and the possibilities for recycling or reuse. In the case of sanctions imposed as a result of non-compliance with environmental regulations, it will explain what the cause was, and which corrective actions were taken.

We are also responsible for the development, compliance, and continuous improvement of policy measures to ensure that the effects of transport on the environment and ecosystems are reduced as much as possible.

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