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Where it began

In 1984, George Tsai started Fairmont Designs in an empty Los Angeles warehouse containing two folding chairs —one used as a makeshift desk. The young man had already earned an undergraduate degree in engineering from Cornell, a master’s degree in engineering from UC Berkeley, and completed a stint at Proctor & Gamble.

What prompted the entrepreneur to embark on such a venture was seeing his father struggling to produce tables for west coast importers. George decided he wanted to establish a business where he could be more autonomous and control his own destiny.

Knowing nothing about the industry, he learned quickly by attending San Francisco Home Furnishings Markets and consulting industry veterans. He called on experts in product development, merchandising, and marketing to create initial dining room and table groups, an important import arena at the time. The line expanded, the company thrived, and Fairmont Designs established manufacturing facilities in China & Vietnam for total vertical integration.

We’re building towards the future.

Today, Fairmont Designs has grown into a multinational enterprise; producing and distributing a wide range of contract furnishings known for craftmanship, quality and value.

A force for Good

We focus on economically sound business operations that are in good balance with ethical and social aspects of its decisions, care for the environment and the interests of future generations.


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