Boutique Design New York (BDNY) is the leading trade fair and conference for hospitality’s boutique and lifestyle design community.


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For two high-energy days each November, it’s the curated, creative event of the industry—bringing designers, architects, purchasing agents, hoteliers, owners, and developers together with inventive manufacturers of design elements for hospitality interiors for a highly curated experience.

BDNY’s signature Designed Spaces allow attendees to experience dozens of design elements for hospitality interiors in the context of exquisite lounges, cafes and other gathering spaces throughout the exhibit floor. Each space is created by a leading hospitality design team using products from multiple BDNY exhibitors/sponsors—a unique collaboration of industry innovators, with stunning results.

Revive by Element and ReWild by Westin by Marriott International
As our senses reawake to the thrill and stimulus of the world—the gift of time allowed us the opportunity for thought, evolution, and growth. Wellness, balance, meaningful connections, and respect for our planet became more valued.

For Element and Westin hotels these values and holistic living are top of mind. Paired like siblings, Element’s sustainable Nordic-inspired design captures the simplicity of nature rejuvenating our senses—as Westin’s modern residential design infused with the concept of biophilia creates a multisensory experience of renewal. These brands amplify differently to speak to our distinctive target guest—but the base values always remain the same.
Revive and ReWild express the creative execution and duality of brands, design, and guest experiences. As you remerge into this new world and get back to travel and exploration, Westin and Element invite you to always keep balance, wellbeing, and care for the environment at the forefront.

ReWild by Westin
People have an innate need to connect with nature. It affects our wellbeing. Westin’s design philosophy takes inspiration from this notion, known as biophilia. Rich textural details and soft nuanced palettes are offset by a clean, modern residential aesthetic. Together, these elements create an immersive experience of renewal to recharge and center our guests. Our ReWild is a respite by Westin. It derives inspiration from the foundation of Manhattan, a glacier-formed bedrock island surrounded by flowing rivers. Intrigued by the dichotomy of nature within the skyscraper landscape, we celebrate the story of New York City and the vital importance of the delivery of clean water through the Croton Aqueduct that enabled the growth of a thriving metropolis. Taking cues from recent evocative public installations such as the High Line and Little Island, we capture the essence of nature emerging and fusing with the urban. Engaging and gathering, ReWild by Westin is intended to share thoughtful concepts that spark our sense of wellbeing and renewal.

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